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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I used to do a lot of pen & ink illustrations, mostly of comic book characters. Rendering in this fashion really taught me the importance of patience, something I’ve noticed I have been lacking a lot lately. I stumbled upon a scanned image I did of Spider-Man swinging over the city. I think this was drawn back in 1993 or 1994. I remember looking at the image one day and wondered what it would look like in colour. My sense of colour is atrocious and I’ve never really been comfortable applying it to my illustrations. However, one day I did just that in 2006. I took that scanned image and started applying basic colouring layers in Adobe Photoshop to see what I could produce. By no means am I an expert but I was pleased with the finished results. See what you think.

The Amazing Spider-Man on Apple's iPad

The recent arrival of Apple’s iPad has the world buzzing over this new fancy must-have gadget. In all fairness this is really the iPod Touch magnified with extra features. Keep in mind what the iPad is truly designed to do—it’s bringing eBooks to the forefront. Oh yes, people forget why the iPad even exists. Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s nook, and countless other eBook readers are the ones that the iPad is really competing against. The fact that it also carries over the iPhone and iPod Touch applications is a bonus. But why is there such a hoopla over this particular device?

The majority of the design world is pro-Apple. This includes the comic book industry that has been waiting in anticipation of the iPad’s release. This is a big deal because now there is an opportunity to properly release comic books online and have the impact it needs to be successful. The iPad can do that and reinvigorate the comic book world.

I’m of the old school mentality of actually collecting comic books and making collections. Part of the excitement is searching for issues to help complete that collection but it does get pricey. Over the years the cost of comic book collecting as skyrocketed to the point that it is becoming harder and harder to get all the issues that you want on a weekly basis. Now comic book collectors have to really choose what issues they actually want to purchase in fear of wasting their hard-earned money. I remember when comic books were sold at a staggering 35¢ each. It stayed steady at 75¢ for a while, and then started increasing to $1.00 and beyond. These days an average comic book costs anywhere from $2.99-$3.99 an issue. I used to be able to buy at least six issues for under $4.00. Now it costs me $4.00 to get one issue. This is why my comic book collecting has dwindled severely over the years. I have a collection that is in the 25,000+ range but it hasn’t increased that much in the past five years because of the rising cost of these issues. More and more I have been waiting for the collected trade editions in order to fulfill my satisfactory needs. The cost of the trades is cheaper than the individual issues combined. The sacrifice is waiting at least six months to a year before getting a new trade to purchase.

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