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Last year, DC Comics celebrated a huge milestone. I should really say comic books in general celebrated a huge milestone because the world was first introduced to Superman in the pages of Action Comics, created from the young minds of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Now that trend continues again this year as another legendary character celebrates 75 years of comic book existence. Arguably the most popular comic book character (or least one of the top three), Batman continues to thrill and amaze after all these decades of storytelling. Interestingly enough, his title was almost cancelled in 1964 and Batman was going to be killed off. A few changes to make him more contemporary helped stave off his demise but it wasn’t until a certain television series helped put the character prominently in the minds of everyone.

While the campy 1966 Batman TV series helped foster a new interest, it made the character almost too comical. It wasn’t until Dennis O’Neill and Neal Adams brought Batman back to his original dark roots in the 1970s that firmly put a stamp on who the character is. No one has looked back ever since.

But comic books have become big business these days. Both Warner Bros. and Disney, the parent companies of DC Comics and Marvel Comics respectively, are raising the bar and taking this competitive nature between these two comic book companies to a whole new level. This is quite evident in the way they have tackled the whole film industry. Marvel has definitely solidified its movie making abilities with a slew of successful films and they don’t seem to be slowing down. DC has finally gotten its act together and is trying to reclaim its might in the box office.

But it does come back to the source material. Collecting comic book these days is a very expensive hobby. An average issue costs between $3.00-$4.00 these days. I do admit that I rarely pick up single issues anymore opting to waiting until issues are released in collections, which is why I appreciate Free Comic Book Day and the reason for this whole exercise.

For many years I hosted an annual event on called The Funny Pages Write-Off. It’s a celebration of comic books in general and how it extends beyond the confines of the printed page. These characters are bombarded everywhere now. However, with the demise of, this write-off didn’t seem like it was going to happen. Almost.

In celebration of all the festivities surrounding this popular genre, the seventh annual Funny Pages Write-Off begins again. Write a review related to comic books and comic strips. Notice I say comic books and not just superheroes. It can be about comic books, graphic novels, movies, toys, clothes, television shows, cartoons, novels, video games, and anything else you can think of. Did you ride the Superman roller coaster at Six Flags? That totally counts for this. Did you visit Metropolis, Illinois, the “Hometown of Superman?” That counts as well. Anything related to comic books counts.

Even better, find obscure references that mention anything about comic books, such as the movie Office Space implementing a quick-rich scheme based on the machinations that happened in Superman III or the argument over the best Silver Surfer artist (Jack Kirby or Morbius) in the movie Crimson Tide.

This will be the summer’s blockbuster write-off so have fun from now until the end of August. Give me a shout in the comments section if you do participate. It doesn’t matter where you write your review. It can be on another writing site, your own blog, anywhere at all, as long as I can link back to your original review. I’ll list and link your review(s) to this page.

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“In Blackest Night”

Hal Jordan was considered to be the best Green Lantern ever, a pretty impressive statement considering he is only one of the 3600 members who belong to the fabled Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic police force that patrol the universe to maintain the peace. Only those born without fear could wield the most powerful weapon in the universe fashioned in the form of a tiny power ring and fueled by the ring bearer’s tremendous willpower. Jordan possessed these and much more. Unfortunately even the best can fall from grace, and when they do, they fall harder.

Hal Jordan went mad after the alien warlord Mongul destroyed his hometown of Coast City. This led him to lose control, become corrupted, and seek more power in order to resurrect what was lost. He made sure nothing would stand in his way. Not his masters, the Guardians of the Universe, or even his comrades of the Green Lantern Corps, slaying many of them to obtain the energies from the Central Power Battery, the source of all Green Lanterns’ power.

The Central Battery was destroyed along with all but one of the Guardians of the Universe. The Green Lantern Corps fell. And Hal Jordan became a cosmic force called Parallax, trying to recreate the universe in his own image. He failed after being thwarted by his former friends and teammates of the Justice League. However, when the Earth was threatened Hal Jordan reappeared and made the ultimate sacrifice to reignite the sun. Everyone thought this would be the final end of Hal Jordan.

But in comicdom, no one stays dead forever. Hal Jordan came back when his soul was joined to the Spectre, the Wrath of God, and a new chapter in Hal Jordan’s life began.

Even though Jordan was back, it still wasn’t the same and the comic book fans clamored for him to return as his rightful role as Green Lantern. The trick, however, was how to undo all that came before he plunged into this downward spiral.

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