I remember back when I was a kid (and that was a long, long time ago) how my dad took me to the store and bought me some comic books. There were three or four comic books bundled together in a package for a relatively low price (I think it was $1.00 at the time). It was basically a “grab bag” of comic books because you really didn’t know what you were getting. Some of my first comic books came in this way. I still remember getting The New Adventures of Superboy #5 (by Cary Bates and Kurt Schaffenberger), The Avengers #191 (by David Michelinie and John Byrne), The Avengers #195-196 (by David Michelinie and George Pérez), Super Friends #28 (with art by Ramona Fradon), and Fantastic Four #218 (by Bill Mantlo and John Byrne), to name a few titles. What surprises me the most is the amount of Marvel titles I was reading back in the day considering I’m more of a DC guy. I always thought that the “grab bag” concept was great and definitely a treat for kids who just love getting comic books. This was perfect for long car rides. Buy a few of these packages and you’re set for the trip.

Fast forward to the present day. Since comic book stores have appeared more and more over the years, finding comic books in the local grocery store is becoming more and more extinct. There are a few places such as giant book stores where you can see the current comic books on the rack but it doesn’t have that same vibe. Then I saw something that really shocked me and made me giddy like a kid in a candy store again.

I was browsing through Toys ‘R’ Us with my son and came across a bundle of comic books packaged together. I think there were five or six in a set, and it was done in the same way that I used to get them as a kid. I looked at the comic books closely and noticed that these were old titles from the 1980s and 1990s. Some of the titles I saw were The Shadow War of Hawkman #2 (by Tony Isabella and Richard Howell), The Adventures of Superman #501 (by Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett), X-Men #1 (by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee — Storm Cover), and Conan the Barbarian #115 (by Roy Thomas and John Buscema). This is totally fantastic on many levels.

First, what a great way to get some really great comic books from back in the day; second, the bundle costs around $5 making these comics no more than $1 each; last, it’s such a great blast from the past to have some of these titles for a cheap price that you might actually need to complete your collection. As all of this was swimming in my head, I had to see who was distributing these books and noticed the website of www.cardsone.com. Naturally I had to check it out.

As stated on its website, “Cardsone has specialized in buying large closeouts and past years overstocks of entertainment and sports trading cards, comic books, coins, collectibles, and supplies. Cardsone then re-manufactures these products into more desirable, heavily discounted, collectible packages and products. Unlike our competitors, Cardsone manufactured products, provides the retail customer the opportunity to purchase collectibles from past years at drastically reduced prices.”

How great is that! Even better is finding them at five below as well. That’s a guaranteed $5 package. I hope to see more of these packages available at different places. It almost makes collecting comic books fun again without having to worry about the current $3-$4 price tag for each book.